Avoid Emotional Pitfalls as a New Jersey Home Seller!

31 Oct 2013 · by Elaine


Are you ready to sell your New Jersey home? It’s a good time to do so! Mortgage applications shot up 6.4 percent, meaning that homebuyer eagerness is still high. Also, the latest Case-Shiller report revealed that home prices increased again and are closing in on peak prices from 2006!


As your Milburn-Short Hills real estate agent, it’s my job to tell you that even though conditions are good for selling right now, in order to really succeed and come out on top, you have to control the emotional pitfalls that sellers often experience.


How can you do that? Work with me! As your New Jersey real estate agent, I can keep you on track and hold you accountable. I can be the voice of reason when emotions start to take over. I can show you facts. In the end, you’ll end up with a faster sale, a happier buyer and a satisfying price.


Trulia recently shared the four most common emotional pitfalls that New Jersey home sellers experience. Here is a rundown:




Home sellers often go into the process overconfident in pricing. If the home doesn’t sell as fast as they want it to, or it isn’t attracting immediate attention, or offers are coming in too low, they’ll tend to panic and expect worst-case scenarios. This leads to fear and freezing up. The best choice they could make is often to lower their asking price, which attracts a new round of buyers.




If you work with me, we will price your home the way it should be, right from the start, after looking at local, current statistics from other houses in the area that sold. Then, if a certain amount of time goes by without success at that price, we’ll lower it. A home that’s been on the New Jersey real estate market for a long time is a red flag to buyers.


After a home seller has lived in their house for a long period of time, chances are, they’ve grown attached to it. They’ve made so many memories there! This is why it’s ideal to work with a local real estate agent, who can look at a home as a neutral asset that must be marketed and priced correctly. Otherwise, the seller might overprice it, ignore market data, ignore staging advice, be irrational in negotiations and more. As your agent, I can pull you back in the rational direction.


The other two emotional mistakes that home sellers make are celebrating too soon and price confusion. To read more about these, check out the Trulia article in its entirety.


When you’re ready to sell a Millburn-Short Hills home, contact me! I will provide you hard facts and statistics for our local New Jersey real estate market. I will help guide you toward rational decisions that fit your home-selling timeline. I will be there to support you every step of the way.


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