South Orange

South Orange is a suburban municipality in the New York Metropolitan Area located in Essex County, New Jersey, United States. Seton Hall University is located in South Orange. South Orange shares a border with Maplewood, Newark, West Orange, Orange, and East Orange. The East branch of the Rahway River, which continues between West Orange and Montclair, flows through the entire length of the township and most of the year it is a trickle but flows can be heavy at times. The Montrose neighborhood with its large Victorian houses is in the northeast quadrant. Seton Hall University is located in the southeast quadrant near the border of Newark.

The town is one of only a few in New Jersey to retain gas light street illumination. Architecture is extremely varied. Most of the town is single-family wood framed houses, but there are a few apartment buildings from various eras as well as townhouse-style condominiums of mostly more recent vintage. Many residents commute to New York City, but others work locally or in other parts of New Jersey. South Orange has a central business district with restaurants, banks, and other retail and professional services. There are a few small office buildings, but no large-scale enterprise other than Seton Hall University.

The township shares a common school system, the South Orange-Maplewood School District, with the adjacent town of Maplewood. The district has a single high school, Columbia High School, located in Maplewood, two middle schools and several elementary schools in each municipality.


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