What to Double Check As a New Jersey Homebuyer

7 Nov 2013 · by Elaine

bathroom vanityMany New Jersey homebuyers think that they should put off their home search during the holiday season and winter months. As your New Jersey real estate agent, I’m here to tell you that this isn’t so!


If you join the herds of homebuyers in the spring and summer frenzy, you’re more likely to pay more and lose out on good values. Real estate agents and mortgage professionals will be busier, too. The whole process will take longer!


With that said, now is a great time of year to buy a Millburn-Short Hills home. Not only will it be less crowded and hectic, but you can also check out the homes for sale in less-than-desirable conditions. Realty Times shared some of the conditions you should look out for. Examples include:


  • During a hard rain, check for water damage or leaks inside the house. See if the gutters are working properly, and look for puddles on the property.


  • On a windy day, feel for drafts, which is a good indication of poor insulation or poorly sealed windows or doors.


  • After a fresh snowfall, drive by a house for sale and see if the snow on the roof is melted. If it is, that’s a sign of poor insulation, because the heat from the home is escaping.


  • On an exceptionally cold day, visit a home to see how well the furnace works and if each room of the house is equally warm. See what the temperature is set at so you know what it takes to warm the house.


Aside from season-related conditions to double check before buying, Apartment Therapy shared 10 things that all New Jersey homebuyers should check no matter what time of year you’re home searching! These are things that many buyers overlook, but that are important:


  • Drains. Fill sinks and tubs and then try to let them all drain at the same time. This is a good test to see if there are issues with the pipes.


  • Windows. Open and close windows and see if they easily slide, stay open or get stuck. They aren’t cheap to replace!


  • Fireplace. Light a fire in the fireplace to see if it drafts correctly. Cleaning the fireplace means making a simple phone call, but drafting is a bigger issue.


  • Toilets. It’s a good idea to flush the toilets and see what the water pressure is like, and if they can handle toilet paper. Turning on the showers and faucets to check water pressure is another great idea.


  • Electrical Panel. You need to know what button to press if you ever need to use it. Look for a clean, labeled panel, and look for loose wires. You don’t want any live wires inside the walls!


Check out the article for the full list of 10 items to check as a New Jersey homebuyer. By working with me, a Millburn-Short Hills real estate agent, I can offer you tips and remind you what you should check for. When you’re ready to buy a New Jersey home, contact me!


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