Prepare your New Jersey Yard For Winter Now!

10 Oct 2013 · by Elaine

RakingDo you love the fall weather we’ve been getting here in the Millburn, NJ area? I sure have! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying fall fests and events in the area. However, as your Millburn-Short Hills real estate agent, it’s my job to make sure you know how to properly prepare your home for winter, too.


A good place to start would be with your yard. BHG Real Estate answered questions that homeowners had about caring for yards in the fall and winter. Check out the answers, so you know how to properly care for your lawn and gardens!


Doing this will break up the work you’ll have to do in the spring, and it’ll help boost curb appeal and home value! While we have this great fall weather, take advantage. Here are some of the tips that came from the article:


  • Experiment with fertilizer. Because we live in the Northeast, there isn’t proof that fertilizers help this time of year. The article recommends that you try a fertilizer and take photos in the spring to see if it helped with growth. If not, you’ll know not to bother. If you do fertilize, don’t use one with nitrogen, which is for leaf growth. Not what you want this time of year!


  • Keep up with yard work. Depending on what type of gardens you have, you could leave tall grasses and dried flowers for extra appeal in the winter. Otherwise, prune your gardens and your bushes and trees, and rake the leaves off your lawn, so it can breathe. (Do research on pruning, however. Some plants do better with pruning in the spring rather than fall!)


  • Beware of winter salt. If you use salt on your driveway or walkway during the winter, and then shovel this snow onto your yard, the salt could damage your grass. The article recommends using salt-tolerant fescues, or piling up your snow elsewhere. Plan ahead!


  • Reseed just before winter. Top-dress your lawn with a mixture of one bag of grass seed and one bag of soil. Distribute with a wheelbarrow to help grass grow. By doing so until the first frost, it gives your seed a chance to get started. Your grass should look great in the spring!


  • Get your design done. If you just moved into your New Jersey home, and you don’t have an established yard yet, spend time getting the design for it done. That way, you’ll be ready to buy and build by the time spring comes around. Pay attention to plants in neighbors’ yards to see what does well in your area!


  • Create a budget. As the article points out, landscaping can add 10 to 15 percent to your home’s value. It’s smart to invest no more than that in your yard, but to budget smartly, so you get the most bang for your buck.


When spring rolls around and you’re ready to sell your New Jersey home, contact me! I’m ready to help as soon as you need it.


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