Smart Upgrades for a Small Kitchen in Your New Jersey Home

26 Sep 2013 · by Elaine

KitchenThe kitchen is usually the room that potential homebuyers are most interested in seeing. It’s the room where buyers will pay more for upgrades. It’s a room that, if neglected and outdated, might turn buyers away. So as a Millburn-Short Hills home seller, this is the room you want to upgrade!


What do you do if you’re working with a small kitchen? Perhaps you just moved to New Jersey and into your new Millburn-Short Hills home, and you want to upgrade the small kitchen you ended up with. Maybe you’re happily living in your home but just wish the kitchen was a little bigger.


As your Millburn-Short Hills real estate agent, I’d like to fill you in on how you can make your kitchen appear larger and airier! Better Homes and Gardens shared space-smart tips that I’ve summed up for you here:


  • Add a small kitchen island. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they could fit an island into a narrow kitchen. However, if you have room for it, add one, if it’s small. This will add counter space and storage space and can sometimes make the space look larger than it did.


  • Add narrow, floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These draw the eye up, emphasizing the kitchen’s height. Why not use all the space you can, even if it’s all the way to the ceiling? Frosted glass windows on a select number of kitchen cabinets also make the kitchen appear more airy.


  • Combine wood and smooth surfaces. A wood floor, with wood cabinets, adds a rustic, natural element to the space. Smooth stainless steel and granite or laminate countertops counteract the rustic with a smooth appearance, bringing the whole room together in balance.


  • Add a backsplash. Especially with a rustic look, a patterned backsplash in subtle colors is a great way to pay tribute to the wall space, and also to add visual appeal to an otherwise solid décor pattern.


  • Build a banquette into the room. If there isn’t space for a large table and chairs, a banquette is a great way to incorporate sitting space into just one corner of the room. Build booth sitting along the two walls of one corner, then add a small table in front of it.


For all 30 tips and examples, check out the BHG article. It shows four different small kitchens, and how each homeowner used the space to its highest potential.


If you have more questions about upgrading your kitchen or any room in your home as a home seller, check out the rest of my blog posts for ideas! If you’d like tips for staging your home to sell, contact me! I can offer a neutral opinion on what needs to change and what looks good as is.


Then when you’re ready to list your home on the New Jersey real estate market, we’ll go from there!


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